Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sales Tour: Part 2

It's rather hot here, chaps.

Mustafar, being a lava planet, is rather hot. So hot, in fact, that some of my chefs fry eggs on the sidewalk and 'flame-grill' bantha burgers over a geyser of lava.

Well, it saves on oven costs.

All the chefs here are Geonosian, so they spend the day gabbling to each other in some strange dialect. Hmmph. They're probably talking about me...

After giving the kitchens a once-over, I checked the rest of the grounds.


I don't think anything looks terribly wrong, do you?

So, McDooku's: Mustafar was awarded The Big Sith Tick.

Next on the agenda is Kashyyk. See you there, chaps!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Sales tour: Part 1

Hello, chaps.

Apart from a few minor mishaps here and there, McDooku's has been running a smooth as the bun of a half-baked bantha burger. And now the time has come for me to tour the various outlets of McDooku's and see if they get the Big Sith Tick:

The Big Sith Tick

So, I begin my trip at Hoth, where some old biker friends of mine, Hoth's Angels, are running the only fast-food joint around for miles...

That's one wampa burger with extra cheese...

The burgers are greasy, the fries are fatty, and the meals will turn you to the dark side. Sounds like good eating.

After sampling the reigonal favourite, the wampa burger, the Hoth branch of McDookus was given the Sith Tick. However, shortly after I was offered a delightful beverage they called a 'slushy'. After draining the cup, I was struck by an enormous headache. I thanked the bikers - this concoction could prove invaluable with the ongoing war with the Republic.

Next on the itinerary is Mustafar - a pleasent change of temperature from this blasted snow.

Till then, old chaps, tally-ho!